Bulk Briquettes for Sale

Bulk Charcoal Briquettes for Sale

Some of our export business partners are engaged in fashion, such as clothes, shoes, bags and so on. A small number of them are engaged in the export of mining, consumer goods and marine products, but require large capital and networks. Industrial goods that are easy to produce and abundant, one of which is coconut derivatives such as charcoal briquettes, cocopeat and cocofiber, these materials are rarely looked at and often end up as waste in landfills. This time, we as an export business actor are targeting bulk charcoal briquettes for sale which have a large market share in the Middle East, Europe and America for various needs, especially for fuel and shisha which are common in the Middle East.

Indonesian coconut shell charcoal is the best charcoal in terms of quality and durability, Indonesian coconut shell charcoal competes with the Philippines and a number of countries in Africa. However, in terms of coconut shell charcoal production, Indonesia is able to outperform a number of charcoal exporting countries from around the world. It is known that Indonesia is an archipelagic country with the largest coastal area in the world. The habitat is coconut plants, although coconuts can grow in a variety of soil conditions, both on the coast and in the mountains. However, Indonesia\’s vast territory makes the main ingredient of coconut shell charcoal briquettes never run out and is always easy to find. So that business people can easily get the main ingredients at relatively affordable prices.

Wholesale Charcoal Briquettes

Charcoal is the residue from burning before it turns into ashes. This charcoal has a higher selling value if it is processed into briquettes. Charcoal can be made from wood, coconut shells and so on. However, we only produce charcoal from coconut shells and hard wood which has long lasting quality and durability. we sell wholesale charcoal briquettes for export to various countries.

In some developing countries, charcoal is used as an alternative fuel which has good benefits for nature. Many Asian and European countries besides being used for bbq charcoal can also be used for cooking in some households, the price is affordable and the quality of the heat produced is the same as gas, and easy to operate – just give a little fire then the charcoal briquettes will spread to burn the entire pile of charcoal on the kiln. In countries with winter, charcoal is also used to heat the house to keep it warm and the plus point is that charcoal doesn\’t have a big spark and will be beautiful because it can be arranged symmetrically.

BBQ Briquettes for Sale

PT. Aksara Bravo Indonesia has briquette charcoal products that are ready to be exported to various countries that need charcoal. The Middle East, Europe and America are the main markets for our products, the demand for charcoal in these countries is very high. European countries or those who have winter need briquettes for heating the house or BBQ when gathering with relatives, our BBQ briquettes for sale have been exported to that country. We dare to sell not only because of the needs of the destination country, but because the quality of our products is very good and of course we understand the needs of each country. Based on our experience, countries in the Middle East prefer charcoal with extra heat levels, while countries in the European region want quality charcoal that lasts longer.

BBQ Briquettes for Sale Near Me

You need good quality charcoal in moderate – large quantities, we are ready to work together for mutual benefits for both parties. BBQ briquettes for sale near me you may already use because we distribute charcoal briquettes products to several local packing companies in destination countries. We cooperate with the trade government in distributing the charcoal briquettes that we sell. For further information, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp on the buttons scattered on this website.