briquettes price

briquettes price

Briquettes are a recycled product from coconut shells which are very good for burning and the demand for briquettes is always increasing every year. the ease of obtaining briquette raw materials, especially in tropical climate countries, makes production unlimited. Many requests for briquettes come from the Middle East for sisha and Europe in general for barbecue. We produce direct special briquettes for export to countries in the Middle East and Europe with affordable prices and good product quality. Briquettes price that we offer is 1350 USD per ton

charcoal briquettes price

The best charcoal briquettes still use coconut shells as raw material because they can retain heat longer than wood and similar raw materials. charcoal briquettes price is definitely more expensive because the quality of coconut shells is indeed very good compared to other raw materials. By using it as briquettes, the price of the basic material, namely coconut shells, also has its own selling point. There are 2 types of packaging that we sell, namely bulk packaging at a price of 1334.26 USD and packaging in boxes at a price of 1484.26 USD. Shape and size can be adjusted according to customer demand. so that customers can freely determine different shapes and sizes.

best price charcoal briquettes

the price we offer is the best price for charcoal briquettes in proportion to the quality of the products we sell. What needs to be considered besides the price is the convenience of buyers in asking for shapes and sizes. This is an important point because buyers are given the freedom to determine their own shape so that identical production is only for buyers who order.

coconut charcoal briquettes price

Among all the ingredients for making briquettes, the basic ingredients of coconut shells are still the best. the characteristics of the shell which has a good level of hardness so that in dry and powder conditions it is able to produce good burning quality and lasts a long time. The price of finished coconut charcoal briquettes is around 1350 USD with good quality.

briquettes price per ton

considering for export, we sell briquettes in tons. the price of briquettes per ton is 1350 USD in bulk packs. we target large businesses and focus on selling the main product of briquettes without packaging so that the prices we provide are more affordable. however, if the customer requires boxed briquettes, we can prepare them.

charcoal briquettes price per ton

in the market price of grade A briquettes is priced at 1300 – 1500 USD per ton. We sell briquettes at a price of 1350 USD per ton which is quite affordable considering how easy it is for us to get raw materials for coconut shells which are very abundant in our country.